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Raw Materials for Machining & Machine Shops/CNC
Gilinox, a fully owned subsidiary of Scope Metals Group, was established to provide a comprehensive range of products to the Romanian and Eastern European markets. Conveniently located in Otopeni, near Bucharest airport, Gilinox is an ideal sourcing partner for stainless steel, aluminum, carbon steel, brass, bronze, copper and fire extinguishing equipment.

Extensive Inventory for Rapid Supply
Gilinox operates as a one-stop shop, holding a wide selection of items in standard, odd and hard to find sizes and focusing in serving machining and machine shops/CNC. In addition, bulk purchasing enables the company to offer extremely competitive pricing.
With its extensive inventory, Gilinox provides just-in-time delivery to Romanian clients. With its own fleet of trucks, the company is also able to effect extremely fast delivery to regional clients, saving them the worry of shipping, stocking and handling large quantities of stock. The main focus of Gilinox's activities is servicing the daily needs of machining workshops for bars, pipes, plates and other products.

Quality, Reliability, Service
Customer service lies at the heart of Gilinox operations, as evidenced by Gilinox customer support team. This team stands ready to offer professional advice and help customers find the most suitable products or materials for their requirements.

Gilinox, together with Scope, has earned a reputation as a leading regional supplier of aluminum to the commercial aerospace industries.

Gilinox holds a ISO Certificate, please click here to review the certificate.

You can contact us via phone: 40-31-224-0800

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Fire Extinguishing Systems